Coming soon: The death of the Kremlin Czar - Jörg H. Trauboth
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Coming soon: The death of the Kremlin Czar

Coming soon: The death of the Kremlin Czar

To be released August 15, 2024

E-Book 978-3-96136-992-8  +++ Print 978-3-96136-991-1

The Russian President and new Czar, Ivan Pavlenko, suddenly reveals his true face in the Ukraine war. He wants war against NATO. Russia and the world stand on the brink. The influential oligarch, Alexei Sokolov, wants to prevent Ivan’s megalomaniacal plans and plans with loyal followers a  fundamental new beginning for Russia. For this, the Russian President must die. Alexei’s plan is in danger of failing. Former elite soldier Marc Anderson intervenes. Will the plan succeed, and the world be freed from the aggressor?

„The death of the Kremlin Czar “ is the fourth political thriller in the Marc Anderson series by the German bestselling author Jörg H. Trauboth.